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Meet the Inspirational Joanne Webb - Designer + Artist

Posted on 31 May 2016

On the blog today we have a guest interview with Artist / Designer + Community member - Joanne Webb

Why did you choose to be an Artist / Designer?

It was the most inspirational and enjoyable subject at school and so I pursued it with a passion and everything that I had. My earliest childhood memories also seem to be around it. I associate it with joy and happiness. It became really engaging around the age of 17 when I began to study   shamanism, cave painting, Carl Jung, and theories on the Collective Unconscious at Brighton University and realized that it had deep-rooted cosmic connections. It is, and has always been, the way I decipher and translate my experience of the world. I find it a humbling role as I am working with something old and ancient, and the final finished work has the ability to resonate with people in a certain way and for that I am grateful. I love what I do.

Who’s your favourite creative and why?

In 2011 Pallant House Gallery in Chichester had an exhibition by a painter called Leonora Carrington. I went to that show 15 times. It was the 1st time I had looked at another artist since 1998 as I wanted to develop my own voice. She blew me away because I realized that I had turned into a surrealist painter. This was the start of an epic adventure in terms of my liberation from the fine art world when I suddenly realized you could be a painter and a designer. This led me to explore life beyond gallery walls and see art as a living breathing space with infinite possibilities. I also adore Celia Birtwell and loved Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen. In the last two years however, I have been more inspired by Buddhism, meditation and listening to mantras than any thing else. The creative teachings of Ram Dass and Lama Surya Das have taken my works, designs, and thoughts about creativity to new heights!

Sum up your style in 10 words.

Cosmic spaces, everything and nothing interconnectedness and free 

How could the print / design industry best support new designers?

By reducing the cost of manufacturing in the UK. Notoriously the visionaries of this world are rarely abundant in finances, which sometimes make the realization of an idea difficult. Short runs are fantastic as small orders can be made are affordable. Lots of advice about the manufacturing process is also really helpful.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?

Putting the key into the door of a commercial shop and art studio makers space. This week I went to London to pitch an idea to a group of investors so that I can launch a socially conscious clothing label and collaborate with a women’s center. I want to open a boutique with a difference, one which enables my living and art to make a difference to other people lives and invests in British manufacturing.

Thankyou Joanne,

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