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Whats a Colour Guide? Perfect Digital Colour management

Posted on 31 March 2015

Colour Guide

Whats a Colour Calendar?

Colour calendars are a great and simple way for you to match the colours of you design perfectly for digital printing.

Choose Digital or Printed

Our digital colour calendar is priced at just £1.00 and will be supplied as a digital file for colour dropping onto your design.

Printed Colour Calendars are available priced at £15 printed onto the fabric or paper of your choice.

Using our Digital Colour Calender

Easy to use, simply download our digital colour calendar from our "samples" page and open in your chosen software. 

Once open in your software use the "Colour Picker" tool to select your colours

Your "Colour Picker" tool can be found:

In Photoshop at the bottom of your tool bar and looks like this:  

In Illustrator it is in the same place and looks like this: 


Simply click and this will open up your "Colour Picker"



Once open you then need to use this to pick any colours that you wish to use in your design using your pipette which will have now replaced your cursor. 


To download the colour calendar go to our samples page and select "Digital Colour Calendar" or alternatively if you would prefer a printed calendar select "Printed Colour Calendar" and then select your chosen fabric or paper.


Using our Printed Colour Calendar

Simply choose your fabric or wallpaper from our drop down menu, checkout and receive a printed colour calendar to match to your design.

To use the printed colour calendar take this and your design work into natural lighting to gain a correct comparison of colour.

Once you have matched to the closest colour possible then you will need to use the "Digital Colour calendar" to drop in the colour as shown above.

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