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Talking Surface Pattern Print with Numaan Farooq - Fashion Design Student

Posted on 07 August 2017

Today we talk to the talented Design Student and "One to Watch" - Numaan Farooq

What Inspired you to choose a creative career?

I knew from the start I had a born talent and passion for Art and Design, having a creative flair within my family as my Grandfather was a Goldsmith, My uncle is tailor for a prestigious asian bridal brand 'Khushboo' and my Mother's childhood dream of having creative career. Constantly looking at my Mother's artwork at a young age showed what I could accomplish in a creative field. 

Who’s your favourite artist / designer and why?

My favourite artist at the moment is Katya Saab because of her vibrant colours and unique style. Her layering techniques and use of shapes inspired me in my Final Major Project. Manish Arora, Off White and Bobby Abley are a few designers/companies that I like because of their collections and different unique styles. Off-white and Bobby are intriguing because they break boundaries in men's fashion using bold designs and patterns.

How do you feed / refresh your creative eye?

Instagram is the main source for refreshing my creative feed. I use it to look at other artist's/designer's work which inspires me to think of new ideas by interpreting their style into my own. Surroundings around me also refresh my feed as I am always seeing new things and gives me ideas for projects I'm working on.

Your favourite place for a creative afternoon?

My favourite place for a creative afternoon is usually my bedroom, it is the place which i find most comfortable and I have easy access to my equipment. However, I sometimes like to take a walk in the park to clear my mind and think of new creative ways for my work.

What advice would you give to new design students?

Never give up on your dreams. Try to stand out and develop a style to set you apart from others. Never copy another's work but interpret it. Finally don't let Academic people who look down upon art put you down because they clearly don't see the beauty in Art and Design.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years time, I hope to have Graduated at University with a Fashion Design degree. I also aim to be working as a designer for a high street fashion company such as Topman, Adidas and Off-White or have started my own clothing line.

Talking Design and Dreams with Numaan Farooq

You can get in touch with Numaan here: @numaan_f

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