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What are the Top Trends? Take a look at our article for WTIN

Posted on 24 April 2017

It’s often difficult to sift through the noise of marketing but for a designer it’s a necessary gift. Predicting trends is an art form. Absorbing inspiration and then somehow finding the pulse of the strongest themes for your industry and timeline. For my own part, I have always trusted my instincts. Never intentionally following the crowd, but aiming to seek out what the client, or target market, wants next with a commercial eye. And so, as the runways and Interior showrooms of Paris, New York and London come to a close, let’s reflect on their influence with a brief look at the strongest trends for the next 6 months. READ MORE >

I'm very happy to announce that 15 designers have been featured! Congrats to you all! Take a look at our 6 page Trend Hub article, and be sure to sign up to our social media channels for FREE resources to promote your work, and to be featured in the next article for our Design Community! 

*Special Thanks to the Editorial team at WTIN ( World Textile Information Network )Who support our company mission to engage the Print and Design industries to Collaborate and Nurture Creative Talent. 

Skip to page 50 for 6 pages of Exciting Trends styled by our Creative Director! 


Read our Inspiring Trends Article for WTIN magazine Issue 3

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  • Petra Hall: April 24, 2017

    Thank you so much for featuring us!

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