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Create colourways using our Colour Palettes. Pick the perfect print shade from our chart to add to your design.

We have made it easy - If you use our digital calendar for colour dropping, alongside the printed calendar your colours will accurate.

Read our Colour Picking Tutorial >Here

Digital Downloads are instant - Colour Palettes will be delivered in just 7 days

  • Digital Colour Calendar (medium 768 colours) is FREE and will be supplied as a digital file for colour dropping onto your design.
  • Printed Colour Calendar (medium) £5.00 available of Cotton Calico or Polyester Panama
  • NEW - XL Digital Colour Calendar (3060 colours) priced at £5.00 
  • NEW - XL - Printed Colour Calendars are available priced at £15 printed onto the fabric / paper of your choice. Select at checkout and state your chosen fabric in the note box

Custom Print

Digital colour calendar (medium)


Custom Print

Printed Colour Calendar (Medium 60cm x 50cm)


Custom Print

XL Printed Colour Calendar (130cm x 100cm)


Custom Print

Digital colour calendar (XL)


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